Camelot's Champion Havanese
Home of top quality, family raised AKC champion line and champion sired Havanese puppies
You have come to the right place!
With over 25 years of experience in breeding and showing dogs, Camelot's Champion Havanese is the haven for quality, healthy puppies.
We breed healthy, well socialized, happy puppies and have very high standards regarding breeding, raising and placing our puppies.
We offer an excellent support system for the life of our puppies.
All our adults are health tested, are on the premises and live in our home.
Our puppies are AKC champion lines, most on both sides, some are triple champion sired, and come with customary shots and wormings, AKC papers, towel with mom's scent, first food supply and, maybe more importantly, with a lifelong support system that includes unlimited coaching as well as a unique lifelong genetic warranty.
Our puppies leave paper trained/partially housebroken and have been introduced to an open crate in which they sleep with their mom and their litter mates.
We are dedicated to maintain and improve upon the breed standard of both our breeds and have serious aspirations to do what few breeders achieve and most can only dream of: to actually make a contribution to the improvement of our second breed, the Havanese. We are focussing on the betterment of one of the very few -if not the only- negative traits of the Havanese breed, which is the matting issue and hope to soon produce Havanese puppies who will need to be brushed once a week or less -as opposed to an almost daily basis- in order to maintain a show coat, and possibly even a non-matting Havanese sometime in the future.
Our main goal for our Pugs is to increase the gene pool of PDE free dogs.
We do not ship but are willing to travel a reasonable distance, however, if you do adopt from us, we will need to meet face to face.
There are pictures on the photo page of our adults and previous litters but you will search in vain for cute pictures popping up all over the place just screaming to "buy ME". If pups are available, I can send you current pictures by email.
Too many breeder-websites out there have little to offer, except for cute little pictures and animations. But this site is for folks who take adopting a puppy serious. Very serious. So that the fun and joy will be lasting.
And maybe I can make all those of you who will not adopt from us for one reason or another, aware of the traps you may be about to fall into (and after all: there is only a handfull of pups available here anyway).
You may not feel that champion lines are important for your pet and you can expect to learn in the following why they are and what it says about your pet and your breeder.
To find out more
about our somewhat different breeding philosophy, our careful line selection, sozialization process, the perimeters of our lasting success, our tremendous dedication to our dogs and clients, what they have to say about us and why they always come back, as well as our business practices, please use the links on top of this page and contact us in case any questions remain unanswered.
The best place to start is the <Breeding philosophy> page. PC users will find the buttons on the left side. Then you may want to move on to the <Pricing> page to find out why you found a great deal here, compare us to the competition in the <Breeder Meter> section and finally you may want to read some testimony backing up all the great things you read before. If you are considering a Designer dog, a mutt, right, please check out the <Designer Dog> page. Finally, you may want to start the application process with our <Questionaire>
Mobile users without access to the hyperlinks on the left, please visit again from your PC for so much more information, or contact us here:
To all the backyard breeders and mills who so ambitiously copy sites like this one: you can steal the words but you can't steal the bloodlines and you can't steal the fruits that result from hard work, years of experience, and the passion we invest in what we do. Your deception, ignorance and ruthlessness will not go unpunished in this life nor the next. Shame on you for what you do to the animals in your care and the damage you inflict on the breed. And PLEASE: if you do have to copy my site because you are too stupid to come up with your own brain child, at least change some words around. There is a copywright, you know.....
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    Havanese Puppies
    Havanese dogs date back to the 16th century, when Spaniards brought their companion dogs to Cuba. In the tropical isolation of the small island, the Havanese breed was developed from those mediterranean dogs, mostly from the Bichon Frise. Their signature thick and silky coats were established due to the need for protection from the hot sun. Weighing generally from 7 to 13 pounds, these small dogs are known for their beauty and sociable demeanors. They thrive on human companionship and have a high intelligence and often goofy sense of humor. Our socialized puppies are bred to not only win dog shows, but to also win your heart. Our dedication to our dogs’ lifelong wellbeing has our sales contract contain a “no shelter agreement.” If you are unable to provide for the dog, you must find a good home with our approval or return the animal to us, so that we can do so. We understand that unforeseeable circumstances can arise, but our dogs’ welfare is of the most importance to us, even after they leave our care. Havanese dogs are generally very healthy, but can suffer from ailments such as patellar luxation, cataracts, and other diseases. While not as predominant as in the Yorkie breed where up to 95% of the dog population is not fit for breeding due to less than perfect knees, the luxating knee caps are the biggest concern and the repair of just one knee can cost in excess of $2500. This is why it is of the greatest significance to choose an expert breeder like Camelot’s Champion Havanese so that your dog has the lowest risk possible of having any of these health problems. You can rest assured every dog you get from us is very healthy. All our adults are certified with OFA and we monitor our breeding stock over several generations. Our champion sired puppies are among the best Havanese puppies in the country. Contact us today to find out how you can be the proud owner of one of these quality puppies!
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    Havanese Breeder
    There are two kinds of people you will come across during your search: breeders and pet producers. Though both may be similar in concept, they could not be further apart in reality. A pet producer does not care or know much about quality, stooping to breed dogs simply for the monetary gain in selling pets. We at Camelot's Champion Havanese pride ourselves on the passionate act of being breeders, and we breed primarily to find that next super star for show, but most of our puppies become family pets. Breeding is so much more than simply creating a new breed or maintaining a lineage. Proper breeders need to not only know their dogs inside and out, but also need to be educated on selecting the right parents, socializing this sensitive breed properly from day one, and on creating a healthy lifestyle for each dog’s long-term well-being. Among many things, this means knowing the difference in different brands of food, how certain diseases can be avoided, and how to properly maintain a breeding ratio. Our puppies descend from among the best lineages. Breeding with the same dogs for multiple generations now, we know the full generational history of the puppy you would take home. Besides (and more so than) the standard health testing, this ensures for you that your puppy will not be susceptible to any hereditary diseases and disorders that can jeopardize its well-being as much as your family budget.
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    AKC Havanese
    As an AKC member in good standing, we pride ourselves on the ability to breed high-quality, healthy animals, generation after generation. Any amateur can raise and sell a dog, but we are dedicated to finding the best homes for our pups. The long-term well-being of every puppy, even after it leaves our home, is the single most important factor when considering our potential customers. As an AKC breeder, we are dedicated to providing puppies that meet the highest of standards. This goes much further than simply proportions, tail setting or the typical Havanese gait and all the other obvious basics you expect from the breed. Proper selection of the parents, along with a sophisticated early socialization program to create a sound disposition and avoid preventable health issues are paramount. These very high standards in regards to breeding, raising, and placing guarantees that the puppies will be happy for the duration of their life. Of course, all of our puppies are veterinary inspected and leave with a clean bill of health. Breeding means making the investment up front. We spend up to 6 thousand dollars per animal to confirm that it is up to the highest standards. When mills and backyard breeders pay a couple hundred of dollars for an animal that was never meant to be bred, the suffering of quality is strikingly apparent.
We care about your pets like they were still our own
Juergen "J" Ernst, 659 Penn High Park Road, Jeannette, PA